Release My Way

Deciding to start a blog was not the easiest decision for me. I, perhaps out of ignorance or maybe stubbornness, viewed blogs as a low form of attention seeking, a public diary for all to mock. My habit of writing mile long Facebook posts led me to research different avenues and to give blogging a shot. I tried a few other websites in my search but all were too restrictive on content or structure. I’ve never done well in being told what to do in creativity. I cuss, I make socially weird statements. Basically, I make written doo doo.
The normal schematic for attacking a blog is identifying your message, articulating and sharing. Most successful blogs are technical in nature, in that they tell you detailed ways to perform a task. Anything from raising a baby, playing cello, playing a baby cello, kidnapping in the modern age, or building a PC with witchcraft & kitty litter. I have no technical skills, even if I did I couldn’t use up what little energy I have into trying to position myself as an expert. The internet is chocked full of “experts”. I’m not thick skinned enough to deal with the ridicule of the web. I deal more in philosophical matters and human interactions, where right or wrong are subjective and debatable. Essentially, I’ve created the least likely to succeed form of blogging. No tips, plenty of opinions and no filter.
I went back to my Facebook news feed to find subject matter to write about. My desire was to find a snippet here or there that would inspire me to expound upon it’s seed. What I took away was my attention seeking ways were shit. My writing was low grade and reaching. I folded my laptop up. I ate dinner. While chewing my food, I beat the piss out of myself and digested my foolishness.
A big influence on my life has been the late Joseph Campbell. If you’re not familiar with his contributions, he spent his entire life studying mythology and how it relates to the human condition. A marvelous intelectual. He was discussing the symbolism of the dragon in certain cultures and how it represents fear. My dragon has always been my own creation. My own head. After a good bit, I decided to give in to the positive thoughts and proceed with this blog. My message is me. My goal is to articulate my meaning of life. I promise honesty and nothing else.
It better make a million fucking dollars.


4 thoughts on “Release My Way

  1. My blog is the only thing I have ever stuck with. I attribute this to the fact that no one tells me what to write or how to write it and that a blog post can be written in a relatively short amount of time (compared to learning a whole song on guitar). Over 400 posts later and I still have barely any readers…haha. But I keep writing because I like it and having even a couple regular readers is somewhat encouraging. Most people give up blogging pretty quick because they don’t get the attention they were hoping for and possibly because they have an actual life unlike myself.

    • I hear you sir. I took a break from writing, Facebook, and pretty much any other interaction. I felt too reliant on the positive feedback, and I was getting too worked up over stupidity. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, a shit ton of time had gone by.

      • It’s all good. On an unrelated note, you inspired me to pick up Rocksmith 2014. I remembered that my cousin had a PS3 sitting around so I went for it. I had heard about it before but it either looked too difficult or I was too cheap. So far I am enjoying it. I think it’s way easier to learn from youtube or tablature but Rocksmith is more fun and gets me picking up the guitar which was the biggest problem before.

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